It is my mission to provide high-quality, practical, and supportive psychological services to individuals, couples, and families of all ages.

My approach is whole-person oriented.  Thus I do not view people simply as collections of symptoms and sicknesses, but rather as entire beings, with hopes, joys, and pains, who are striving for fulfillment and well-being.  


Nor am I interested in making people dependent upon my services. You will find that our work together will be goal-focused. I will assist you in identifying goals and in working towards them.

I am supportive of individual and family values. There is no agenda or preconceived notion about what will make a person, couple, or family happy. It is my goal to help you reach your goals.
I have had the privilege of working for many years with persons facing a wide variety of challenges, including emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and career/school-related issues...